Sunday, July 3, 2016

The Star of David is also Christian

Why is the Star of David Christian?  The answer is very simple: Jesus was of the House of David.

Romans 1:1-3:
Paul, a servant of Jesus Christ, called to be an apostle, separated unto the gospel of God, which he had promised before, by his prophets, in the holy scriptures,  concerning his Son, who was made to him of the seed of David, according to the flesh.

2 Timothy 2:8:
Be mindful that the Lord Jesus Christ is risen again from the dead, of the seed of David, according to my gospel.

Regardless of the difficulties presented by the two genealogies in the Gospels, the above two quotes make it clear, and scripture cannot lie (cf. John 10:35), that Jesus is of the seed of David according to the flesh.

      Star of David symbols on balustrade of the Franciscan Monastery, Washington D. C.

Since his flesh was of the Blessed Virgin, she must have been of that House.

"Tradition tells us that Mary too was a descendant of David. According to Numbers 36:6-12, an only daughter had to marry within her own family so as to secure the right of inheritance. After St. Justin (Adv. Tryph. 100) and St. Ignatius (Letter to the Ephesians 18), the Fathers generally agree in maintaining Mary's Davidic descent, whether they knew this from an oral tradition or inferred it from Scripture, e.g. Romans 1:3; 2 Timothy 2:8."

That the six-pointed star should not be considered strictly a Jewish symbol has been underscored by a recent controversy involving (who else?) Donald Trump.

Certain people, with questionable motives, have accused Mr. Trump, who has three Jewish grandchildren, of using anti-Semitic imagery in the above Tweet, since the six-pointed star has been appropriated in popular culture as being exclusively a Jewish symbol, which should not be the case.  Trump simply wanted to highlight "most corrupt candidate ever" within a star, any star, and this one just happened to have six points.

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  1. Its been stated the 'Star of David' is the Rothschild family seal.The six points are said to show their allegiance to Satan.
    I'm not saying this is true but its what I have read many times.
    Secondly the Novus Ordo essentially renounced Jesus Christ with the document Nostrae Aetate.This document states the Jews are right to await the coming of their Savior and the old covenant still stands.
    That may explain the Hexagon's in the above pic.
    In my opinion Vatican 2 was a Jewish usurpation of the Roman Catholic Church.
    Feel free to disagree and correct me.

  2. I don't think in Old Testament times that the Star of David had anything to do with Satan, but who knows what some symbols mean to certain people today. The Vatican II teaching is absolutely wrong in not trying to convert Jews to Jesus. St. Paul wrote that we should not be ashamed of the Gospel, for it brings salvation to those who believe, to the Jew first. “For I am not ashamed of the gospel. For it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth, to the Jew first, and to the Greek.” [Romans 1:16].
    There is a post on this blog about this: