Sunday, April 23, 2017

Saucepan Vegetable Beef Hash

 An Exclusive Original Recipe

This recipe originated many years ago when I was attending Rutgers in New Brunswick, N.J., living in an off-campus apartment. For me at the time it was an inexpensive and easy way to whip up a nutritional meal. I shared the place with three other students, one of whom had his own cooking quirks.  He would save all of the grease left over when he fried bacon, and used these "Hog Drippings" to grease the pan for burgers and such.  Do people still do this?

Anyway, here are the ingredients for the vegetable beef hash.  You can eat it stand-alone since it has four vegetables along with the meat. I guarantee you will love it!

Utensils: One large sauce pan, one large, strong stirring spoon

One pound of lean ground beef
One large yellow onion
Two small potatoes 
One 15 ounce can of sweet peas
Half of a 4 ounce can of mushrooms
5-6 tablespoons of light Olive Oil

Chop the onions and get them started in the saucepan on low heat with a few tablespoons of olive oil.
Quarter and nuke the potatoes for a few minutes in microwave to soften them up.
Chop the potatoes and add them to the saucepan.
Add the sweet peas with all the juice from the can.
Add the mushrooms, and turn up the burner flame to medium.
Stir the mix.
Add the lean ground beef. Get it mixed in with everything else.  Make a nice "hash."

Continue stirring until all the meat has browned.
Lower the heat and stir occasionally so nothing sticks to the pan.
The fun part: You should be able to push everything to the sides of the pan to make a funnel, and there should be liquid at the bottom of the funnel.  Else add some more olive oil. 

It should be ready in about 25 minutes.
Makes 6 to 8 servings.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Padre Pio and the Easter Eggs

      This story appeared in one of the early issues of the magazine "The Voice of Padre Pio," published by St. Pio's Friary in San Giovanni Rotondo, Italy.  I began looking through my older copies of this magazine after learning that someone had inadvertently thrown away the entire set of them starting from the first issue, that belonged to my friend and Padre Pio author Jeanette Salerno.  I found this gem of an article that related a few charming and mysterious little "miracles" involving Padre Pio, two of which appear below.  They are presented here with the permission of the current editor of the "Voice" magazine.

"Personal Experiences - Padre Pio and Our Easter Eggs;"  by Miss Margherita Hamilton as told to Fr. John Schug, Capuchin.

      Nothing very spectacular ever happened to me, but what happened was surely very strange.  The second time I visited San Giovanni Rotondo was many years ago, right before Easter.  At the time there was only one hotel, and no rooms were available there, so we had to stay in a boarding house.  
     It was a terrible, terrible place.  Everything was dirty.  We didn't even dare open our luggage.  We didn't sleep in the bed.  We put a big blanket on top of the bed and slept on it.  We never unpacked our things. 
     Clarice said: "I want to take something out."
     But I told her: "Don't you dare take anything out in this filth and grease, because bugs will be running around in five minutes."  So she didn't open anything. 
     The next morning was Easter Sunday.  We have a custom that the first thing we eat on Easter Day is blessed hard boiled eggs.  I had been doing that all my life.  But on this Easter Day, I grumbled and kept saying: "This will be the first time in my life I won't be able to eat blessed eggs on Easter Day, because we had to stop in this filthy place, and we won't even have the Easter eggs tomorrow morning."
     We got up at 4:00 to go to Mass at 5:00.  Mass was beautiful.  When we left the church, we were very happy.  I had on a big coat, because it was still cold.  Suddenly, as we walked, I felt something in my pocket.  I said: "What's this?  There was nothing in my pocket when I went to church."
     I reached into my pocket and found two boiled eggs.  I said the Clarice: "You put them there."
     She said: "I didn't bring any eggs, so there's no way I could have put them in your pocket."
     The same afternoon we found two good rooms elsewhere, and we moved our suitcases and boxes.  I opened my valise and found two little packages which my maid Pasqualina had prepared.  One package had six sandwiches, and the other had four eggs.  But the strange thing was that the parcel was all tied up with a ribbon, and there had been six eggs in it.  But only four eggs were left.  The other two were eggs which Padre Pio had blessed and put in my pocket.  Nobody could have taken two eggs out of a tied box without opening the parcel.  

     Giovanna, my very dear friend, was staying with me in my house.  She slept in a big bed near the wall.  There was a little table nearby.  Across the room there was another table, a bit larger.   Giovanna had been ill, so she was in bed most of the time.
     Just outside the bedroom, on the terrace, there was a magnificent rose, really a splendid rose.  We went out onto the terrace to look at it.  The first moment she returned to the house, she said: "Give me that rose."
     I told her: "No, this is the first rose of the arbor, so you can't have this one.  This rose goes to the Madonna, to Mary."
     The next day another rose was open.  I cut it and said: "Giovanna, here is your rose.  You can have this one, because it is the second rose."
     Giovanna said: "All right."   I answered: "It can't have a better destination."
     On the table near the wall there was a color picture of Padre Pio.  I put the rose in a small vase and set the vase on the table.
     In the afternoon, another friend of ours came.  Giovanna still wasn't well.  So we sat on one side of her bed.  The rose was near the portrait of Padre Pio.  Our friend remarked: "Oh, how pale Padre Pio is.  I hope he isn't ill."
     "No," I answered.  "It isn't that he is pale.  He only looks that way because the color of the rose is so strong."
     I walked around the bed and took the rose away.  "Look," I said, "Padre Pio is quite normal."  We all agreed that it was true - that it was the rose that made the color of the picture so weak.  I put the rose back in its place.
     Suddenly my friend cried out: "B. . .b. . . b . . . but..."
     "What's the matter?" I asked.  "What are you saying?"
     She could only stammer: "The . . . the . . . the . . . the. . . the rose!"
     The rose was not there!
     "But I put it there on the table," I said, quite matter-of-factly.
     "Yes," she said, "I know you did."
     Giovanna, too, said: "Yes, you put it there.  Perhaps it has fallen."
     We looked all over for it.  We even got Giovanna out of bed to see if it had fallen on the bed.  But it had disappeared completely.  It was no longer there.  Then Giovanna said: "It seems that Padre Pio has accepted it."
     Almost twenty days later, we went to San Giovanni Rotondo, and Giovanna went straight to Padre Pio.  Whenever she visited him, they always met in the small office of the 'convento.'  He was waiting there for her when she arrived.  He had a red rose in his hand.  He had the rose, the rose, in his hand.
     He said: "Thank you very much for the rose.  I appreciate it very much."
     She answered: "Father, give it back to me."
     He said: "Yes, I'll give it back to you."
     Now Giovanna preserves this rose in her home.

From The Voice of Padre Pio, Vol. V, no. 4, 1975, pp. 10-12.
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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Book Preview - What God is by Nature, Mary is by Grace

You are invited to read this pre-publication draft from Chapter One of my forthcoming book, What God is by Nature, Mary is by Grace - The Greatness of the Blessed Virgin in the Revelations of Luisa Piccarreta. 

   View Chapter One, "Original Sin and the Immaculate Conception,"  HERE

References in the chapter refer to the Volume and entry date of Piccarreta's 36-Volume work.

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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Were there two Sister Lucy's?

The Tradition in Action website has published a series of articles investigating the possibility that the Fatima visionary Sister Lucy was at one point replaced by a double, in order to silence her conservative voice, and to further the progressivist agenda of  Vatican II.  One of their articles presents a series of photos comparing historical photos of the "real" Sister Lucy to more recent photos of the alleged "double."

Recently, one of the website's readers sent them an email that mentions a video which purportedly shows a reliable method of comparing the photos of two people to help determine if they are really of the same person.  Like most such approaches, it is not infallible, but it can indicate with high probability if the persons are not the same.

In Tradition In Action's  "People are Commenting" page of February 9, 2017, you can read the email from "G.A." regarding the "eye-tooth" method of determining whether two photographs are of the same person.  The email links to this video on YouTube which explains how to use this method.  Basically, it is based on the distance between the pupils of the eyes of a person, and the distance from the eyes to the tips of the upper teeth.  These features are permanently embedded in the bone structure of the upper face.  Therefore, any adult should always have a constant ratio between the two distances. 

Using the pictures above from their web page on the two Sister Lucy's, I zoomed the page to 170% to get larger pictures.  Then I calculated the following measurements:
The Sister Lucy on the left, 25 mm. between the eyes, and 36 mm. to the tip of the upper teeth.  This gives a ratio of 1.44.
For the Sister Lucy on the right, 30 mm. between the eyes, and 36 mm. to the tip of the upper teeth.  This gives a ratio of 1.2.

Thus, if the premise about the eye-tooth ratio is correct, as reported on the video, then it is almost certain that the two photos are NOT of the same person.

Update 03/31/17.   I tried this with some photos of a young Paul McCartney vs. older; and found no difference in the eye-tooth ratio.  

Friday, January 27, 2017

Padre Pio and the Liturgical Reform

Although he continued to say the "old" Mass in Latin, he used the new form of the Eucharistic prayer. 

[Important note: So that you can understand the heated comments section better, one of the sites that linked to this post wrote that Padre Pio had "learned the new Mass".  This is clearly NOT what I write in this post.]

It is well-known that Padre Pio was allowed to continue saying the traditional Latin Mass instead of being required to use the new form initiated after Vatican II.  There is a famous video of his last Mass, in which he is seated and facing the congregation.  At the end, he stumbles and is rescued by the American friar, Brother Joseph Pius. 

In a hard-to-find book, Padre Pellegrino, one of the priests who was an assistant to Padre Pio for many years, writes of his experiences with the saintly friar of the Gargano. Originally published as a series of articles in the Friary's magazine, The Voice of Padre Pio, they were gathered into book form by popular demand, edited by Fr. Alessio Parente.  In this volume, it is revealed that Padre Pio was required to use the new form of the Eucharistic prayer during his Mass.

"When Padre Pio expressed his opinion on the liturgical reform, it contained a controversial hint or two, but he did not reveal even the slightest shadow of rebellion.  On the contrary, precisely with regard to this reform, not only did he edify me with his submission, but he even succeeded in moving me to tears with his scrupulousness.

In 1966-67 Padre Pio received permission from the Holy See to celebrate Mass in Latin, and seated.  However, the Holy See allowed this under two conditions:  that the celebrate facing the people, and that he use the new rite of the Eucharistic Prayer.

Padre Pio received news of the dispensation one evening before going to bed and, knowing of the conditions, he begged the Superior to teach him the new form of the doxology.  After he had seen how he should raise the paten, with the Host and the chalice, he thanked the Superior and appeared to be satisfied.

During the night he called me and said: "Do me a favor.  Go and get the chalice and the paten in the little church and let me see the new rite once again."   And I did so.

That scene, with his asking pardon and thanking me, repeated itself at least seven or eight times.  I was not tired but the last time, I could no longer tolerate his scrupulousness and I muttered through my teeth "I don't understand why this Holy Mother Church must bother a poor, old and ill priest."

He grasped the sense of my words, and almost crying, he said: "Why are you speaking against the Church which has asked so little of me?  It is I, who, desiring to carry out the new rite well, am bothering you a little.  You must forgive me."  And I said: "But do the rite as you wish!"  At this point, he returned to decisive tones: "No, I must perform the rite precisely as the Church desires."

Pp. 401, 402; Padre Pio's Jack of All Trades,  Fr. Pellegrino Funicelli, OFM Cap., San Giovanni Rotondo, 1991.

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Friday, January 20, 2017

What God is by Nature, Mary is by Grace


     I have recently started the research for my newest book, and the most important:

What God is by Nature, Mary is by Grace;
The Greatness of the Blessed Virgin in the Revelations to Luisa Piccarreta.

      This is a time-consuming project, which involves a study of all thirty-six volumes of Luisa's Book of Heaven.  Her books illustrate the greatness of the Blessed Virgin Mary in a way superior to any other private revelation, including Ven. Mary of Agreda's The City of God.  The Blessed Virgin lived in the Divine Will, and her gifts, interior life, and sanctity are presented in such depth, that one can understand why all creatures combined cannot equal her.

     I request your prayers for the successful completion of this work.  If you would like to be notified when the book is available, just email me Here.

     Thank you.

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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Make the Church Great Again!

Sorry liberals and progressives, but...
this is what is really happening to you:

Christ the Judge - Sistine Chapel

A multitude of Trump supporters were ardently praying to God for victory.   How many Hillary backers were praying in the spirit for her to win?   

Now it's time for a Trump-style leader and conservative revolution in the Catholic Church!
It is time to make the Church Catholic again. 
(Maybe it's going to be a woman!)

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