Thursday, April 12, 2018

The Real Life of Jesus in the Divine Will and the Eucharist

Newest Book:

 Padre Pio said the world would be astonished at the greatness of Luisa Piccarreta.  You will be too after you read this book!     

Learn how the Real Life of Jesus in the Eucharist also exists in souls who live in the Divine Will. In fact, the souls who live in the Divine Will are living Hosts, since the Divine Volition is a continuous Communion. Learn why Jesus is not bound by His own Sacraments, and how He entrusted His Sacramental Life to the Heart of His Mother. Find out why Jesus gave Communion to Himself at the Last Supper, and how His sacrificial life continues in the Sacrament of the Eucharist. Learn why living in the Divine Will has Primacy, and surpasses all the other Sacraments. This book is a detailed report and compendium of almost 150 separate teachings on the Lord's Real Life as it exists in the Divine Will and the Eucharist, taken from Luisa Piccarreta's 36-volume opus on the Divine Will revelations.

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