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The Sacrament of the Divine Will surpasses all the other Sacraments.

The Lord told Luisa that Sacraments are called such because they are sacred, and possess the power and value to confer grace and sanctity. However, they act according to the dispositions of creatures. Thus, often they remain fruitless, unable to confer the goods they contain. The Divine Will, which is sacred and holy, contains altogether the virtue of all the Sacraments. Furthermore, It does not have to work in order to dispose the soul the receive Its goods. Rather, as soon as the soul has disposed herself to do His Will, the Divine Volition finding everything prepared and disposed, communicates Itself to the soul without delay, even at the cost of any sacrifice. It pours out the goods It contains, and forms the heroes and martyrs of the Divine Will, and portents unheard of. The Sacraments unite the soul with God, and doing the Divine Will unites the will of the creature to her Creator. The soul dissolves herself in the Eternal Volition – the “nothing” ascends to the “All,” and the “All” descends to the “nothing.” This is the noblest, most divine, purest, most beautiful, and holiest act of the creature.
The Lord confirmed to Luisa and repeated it, that His Will is Sacrament, and It surpasses all the Sacraments together. It acts in a more admirable way, without mediation from anyone and without the need for matter. The Sacrament of His Will is formed between His Will and that of the soul. The two wills tie themselves together and form the Sacrament. His Will is life, and the soul is already disposed to receive life. It is holy and she receives sanctity. It is strong and she receives strength, and so on.
On the other hand, the other Sacraments have to labor much to dispose souls, if they manage at all. How often do these channels which He left the Church remain despised, beaten up, and trampled upon! Some use them to sully themselves, and turn against Him to offend Him. If Luisa knew the enormous sacrileges committed in the Sacrament of Confession, and the horrendous abuses of the Sacrament of the Eucharist, Luisa would cry along with Him for the great pain.
Only the Sacrament of the Divine Will can sing glory and victory. It is full in its effects, and cannot be touched by the offenses of the creature. This is because, in order to enter into His Will, the soul must lay down her own will and her passions. Only then does the Divine Volition bend down to her. It invests her, identifies her with Itself, and makes portents of her. This is why Jesus becomes festive with He speaks of His will. His joy is full, and no bitterness enters between Him and the soul. But for the other Sacraments, His heart swims in sorrow. Man has turned them into a fount of bitterness for Him, while he instituted them as many founts of grace.

Based on revelations to the mystic Luisa Piccarreta, Volume 12; 12/26/1919.

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