Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Pius XII himself said he was the "last Pope"

   Jean Guitton was a noted French Catholic philosopher and theologian (1901-1999).  According to a book by Fr. Luigi Villa, Guitton wrote in L'Osservatore Romano, October 19, 1960, that Pius XII himself had said that he was the "last pope."  Following are excerpts from Fr. Villa's work, Anche John XXIII beato?  (John XXIII  "Beatified" too?), published in June 2000:

     Wrote Jean Guitton (Pantheist and Bergsonian), friend of Giovanni Battista Montini, "Pius XII knew it, he himself said he was the 'last Pope,' the last link of a long chain.  And yet in those years of the 1950's, the Church was thriving.  But Pius XII knew an unprecedented crisis was in the making, 'in the very bosom of the Church,' as Pius X had already said.  And that came about, in fact, with the election of John XXIII.  Modernism exploded violently, in spite of Humanae Generis, issued by Pius XII in 1950.  Jacques Maritain shared this view: "The modernism of the time of Pius X, compared with the modern neo-modernistic fever, was but a mere hay-fever."  In fact, with Pope John XXIII the situation was reversed.  The Progressives popped out from everywhere. 

Pope Pius XII

 . . .  John XXIII presently thought of appointing new Cardinals.  Obviously, the first, whom he personally dictated, was Monsignor Montini, although he knew that Pius XII had kicked him out of the Vatican, and wanted  him excluded from the Conclave, and for that reason he had refused him the purple habit.  And we are still suffering from the consequences of John XXIII's action.  

     That too is a clear indication that John XXIII, far from having been a Pope of transition, was a real reformer and transformer, such as the Church had never known since the days of the Counter-Reformation.  A new revised Church, today called "Conciliar," (quod dixit Cardinal Benelli).


     Above quotes from pp. 18-20 of Fr. Luigi Villa's book; download at this link:

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  1. Another book must read: "NichitaRoncalli" (Franco Bellegrandi).
    John XXIII was a liberal. When he made Montini a Cardinal he opened him the way to the papacy.
    Once Montini elected the marxist modernism crept hidden everywhere in the Church's hierarchy. It is now blossoming ("at the top") and the apostasy of many is unveiled.

    1. It was Pius XII who promoted Bp.Montini (Paul VI) to Archbishop of Milan.
      This same post was held by Bp.Ratti before he was coronated as Pope Pius XI.
      Pius XII placed Bp.Montini in that important position knowing full well his predecessor was Archbishop of Milan.
      Also Pius XII promoted many of the Bishops who signed the V2 documents.
      1939-1958 is almost 20 yrs and Pius XII promoted so many of the modern liberal bishops who signed the council documents.

  2. It is Pacelli who was/is Peter the Roman. Born in Rome, a true Roman, was of the so-called "Black Nobility" because his family was among a handful who protested, correctly, the signing of the Lateran Treaty of 1929. That was when the Vatican ceased to exist and the Pope's influence was then confined to a mere 40 acres. By binding the pope on earth, Jesus was bound in heaven as well. Pacelli also saw a version of the Miracle of Sun in Rome and knew about the Marian apparitions at Tre Fontane.

  3. Pius XII outright destroyed ancient venerable Apostolic Traditions from 1951-1958.