Saturday, September 23, 2017

Van Gogh's Hurricane Swirls

      While tracking hurricanes Jose and Maria this September of 2017, I came across a wonderful weather map site, featuring dynamic, in-motion maps for multiple parameters, such as wind gusts, temperature, clouds, waves, precipitation and so on. I was struck by a resemblance of the wind speed map to certain paintings I had seen, but initially could not make the connection. Could it be Picasso or Kandinsky?  Finally I realized that it was Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night that I was reminded of as I looked at the weather map. Not only are there colorful swirls, but also short white strokes or stipples defining both the stars and the hurricanes.  See for yourself.


  1. Thanks for the insight on this. At our prayer meeting on Thursday someone asked why Puerto Rico for hurricane Maria. I googled Hurricane Maria and Puerto Rico.Very interesting article at - The Puerto Rican prophecy of Leonard Bernstein. Thought you might like to read it. When Maria became a hurricane my husband, who rarely shares spiritual insights, said Harvey Irma Maria.
    H I M this God?

  2. VG I believe was a saint but nit Catholic. Read Christ of the coal mines

  3. You can't kill yourself, unless you shield another from a deadly situation or wear yourself out in charity to others, and be a saint of any kind. That doesn't mean he definitely had the wherewithal to go to Hell for it or entertained habits that got him there, though it technically is a murder for which there is no repentance by the murderer. Such ones need prayers which can affect the judgment for eternity of the soul of the deceased outside time, where that soul is; not canonization in the least!