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When the Lord Returns, Will He Find Faith? - 2

The Vatican II mentality is open to toleration of heresy and error.

In his book Will He Find Faith? (Inveniet Fidem?), Atila Sinke GuimarĂ£es demonstrates that the thoughts and philosophy of the “experts” involved in composing the Conciliar documents are often in opposition to traditional Catholic doctrine. He does this by extensively quoting from their published works. Excerpts presented below from the writings of two of these men indicate their progressivist toleration of error and heresy.

Fr. Yves Congar, quoted in quoted in Inveniet Fidem? (pp. 34-35).
Fr. Congar made inportant contributions to several of the Conciliar texts.
  • “The fact is evident, in our attitude toward others, we passed from anathema to dialogue.”
  • “Today there is not only respect for, but also an interest in the other as the other.”
  • “The modern spirit has a bias that favors the heretic in every sphere: by denying received ideas, he opens a way for progress. The heretic brings the new, even in the order of truth.”

Fr. Edward Schillebeeckx, quoted in Inveniet Fidem? (pp. 36-37).
Fr. Schillebeeckx was one of the most active theologians during the Second Vatican Council.  

  • “The objection someone raised to this – that evil and error have no right to exist – is based on a misunderstanding.
  • And a person has the right to admit as true that which in all sincerity appears true to him (even if objectively it is an error). This is why the person who errs has the same rights. Consequently, tolerance is an ethical and cultural duty for every man.”
  • “The State itself is, therefore, obliged to oppose any propaganda or organization that threatens freedom of conscience. This is why in extreme cases tolerance can resort to the use of arms.”
GuimarĂ£es comments that Schillebeeckx's intolerant tolerance presents the other side of the “sweetness” and “mercy” often put forth by the progressivists.

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