Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Padre Pio: 8 children ideal; Pope Francis: Irresponsible!

Padre Pio's blessing on newlyweds: "May you have eight children!"
Pope Francis: ". . . like rabbits.  No.  Responsible parenthood!"

After the death of his wife, Padre Pio's brother Michele moved to San Giovanni with his daughter Pia, who, in a ceremony attended by many American servicemen, was married in May 1945, with her uncle [St. Pio] officiating, to Mario Pennelli, a teacher. Pia and Mario were to raise a family of eight children, which Padre Pio considered the ideal size for a family. A spiritual son recalled that Pio usually told newlywed couples, “May you have eight children!”
Source: Rev Bernard Ruffin, Padre Pio: The True Story, Our Sunday Visitor Press, p. 270.
From transcript of Pope's recent interview:

Therefore, to give you an answer, they key word is the one the Church always uses all the time and even I use it: it is responsible parenthood. how do we do this? With dialogue. Each person with his pastor seeks how to do that responsible parenthood.

That example i mentioned shortly before about that woman who was expecting her eighth (child) and already had seven who were born with caesareans. That is an irresponsibility (That woman might say) 'no but I trust in god' But God gives you methods to be responsible. Some think that, excuse me if i use that word, that in order to be good Catholics we have to be like rabbits. No. Responsible parenthood! This is clear and that is why in the church there are marriage groups, there are experts in this matter, there are pastors, one can seek and i know so many, many ways out that are licit and that have helped this. you did well to ask me this.
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  1. One is a Saint and the other is not, unless of course he throws out all the rules to allow for his own canonization before he dies.

    Thanks for posting the information about Padre Pio. I believe that a few years ago I sent you an email to thank you for sharing information about Padre Pio that I came across through Spirit Daily! Since then, I have been drawn to him more and more.

    I've joined the blogger ranks recently because of the distortions of the Faith we are getting from Pope Francis and others in the hierarchy, and I decided to break my silence. Guys like you have led the way. Thanks.

    If you're interested, the blog is exmagnasilentium.wordpress.com.

    God bless you!

    Steve Hansen

  2. Steve, checked out your blog and like what you have to say in your posts.