Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Global warming - is it really man-made? -Updated

. . .  Or is it primarily the result of climate changes caused by the Biblical Flood?

Scientist and engineer Walter T. Brown (Ph. D. MIT) is a young-earth creationist and director of the Center for Scientific Creation. An expert on the biblical flood accounts, he developed the “hydroplate theory” to account for the flood-caused geological upheavals.

According to Dr. Brown, global warming is occurring, but it is a centuries-long process that is primarily due to post-flood climate changes, and only secondarily caused by man. It began at the peak of the Ice Age, thousands of years before the start of the Industrial Revolution and its resulting atmospheric pollution.
The burning of fossil fuels does contribute to increased amounts of carbon dioxide in the air, but most of that increase comes from gases released by the warming of the oceans, which contain fifty times more carbon dioxide than the atmosphere.

In Brown's hydroplate theory, the planet-wide great flood caused extreme geological plate movement, resulting in buckled-up and elevated mountains and continents. Simultaneously, volcanic magma was released which spilled into and warmed the earth's waters. The cooler higher continents and the warmer oceans generated wind systems of moist air, resulting in extensive snowfall rates over elevated land masses that led to glacier build-up. Eventually ice depth peaked, as the land and water temperatures moderated and snowfall amounts were reduced.

“Then, as snow and ice decreased on earth, less of the sun's radiation was reflected off ice sheets and back into space. More of the sun's heat warmed the earth, so even more ice melted, and the warming continues. This cycle will continue unless cost-effective ways are found to reduce the warming.” This quote and most of the above information is from this page of his online book.

Update:  Thanks to the Institute for Creation Research for pointing this out:  "After the Flood, God promised Noah that Earth would have predictable patterns of climates and seasons: “While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, winter and summer, and day and night shall not cease.” [Genesis 8:22]. This promise is trustworthy because God is trustworthy, and He controls Earth’s climates and seasons."


  1. Pope Emeritus Benedict is in accord with Francis, and they agree with the vast majority of climate scientists on the science: but they grasp the moral dimensions of the phenomenon, which show that secularist abducted have pursued technology without considering the consequences in the created order. It's detrimental to the Church for bloggers to continue to side with BP and their conferences in pretending that you can assault God's natural order without devastating effects. Until Catholic writers begin affirming the link between the contraceptive death culture mindset and the consumer - consumption climate - change denial mindset - until human ecology and natural ecology are understood and presented as inescapable sides of God's plan- we will be viewed only as tools of political and economic devastation.

  2. This blog is not denying climate change, rather it affirms it, while indicating it is not primarily man-made. Asserting that it is man-made makes it a tool for political manipulation and socialist regulation.