Monday, May 5, 2014

Walt Disney the man: pro-life

Every conception is immaculate because a child is involved

Although Walt Disney considered himself to be a religious person, he did not attend any church.  He had a strong belief in God, and respected the religion of others.  Once one of his employees, apparently a Catholic, asked him if he believed in the Immaculate Conception.  He answered that he believed that every conception is immaculate, since a child is involved.

He and his wife Lilly sent both of their daughters, Diane and Sharon, to Sunday school, but did not impose their religious views on them.  When Diane began to attend a Catholic school, Walt wrote to his sister Ruth that Diane seemed to enjoy it, being quite taken up with the various rituals and the catechism. She had not made up her mind on whether to be Catholic or Protestant, but Disney was not concerned about this.  He felt that his daughter was intelligent enough to decide what she wanted, and that it was her privilege to make the decision. 

During his lifetime he never made a religious film, since he did not want to mix religion with entertainment.  Churchmen were seldom portrayed in his pictures.

Based on information from Walt Disney an American Original, by Bob Thomas, 1994, New York, Disney Editions.


  1. Walt Disney was a civilized man.

  2. What about that donald duck overpopulation/eugenics propaganda cartoon from 1968? Google it or go straight to youtube. Doesn't make walt disney seem very prolife

    1. Thank you for bringing this up. Walt Disney had been dead for two years by the time the Disney company made this, so it cannot be said to reflect his personal views. The Disney company's many enterprises after his death were no longer under his guidance.