Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Precedence for Pope's Reticence?

There may be some precedence of sorts for the subdued approach of Pope Francis to the hot-button issues of abortion, homosexuality and contraception.


Missing from the hundreds of public messages from Medjugorje over the last thirty years, is any overt condemnation of these and other grievous sins and evils of our era.

It has been said that Medjugorje is the Marian Apparition of the Vatican II Church. The rationale behind the approach of the Conciliar Church right up to the papacy of Pope Francis has been to pour forth the balm of mercy rather than issue condemnations.   In his opening speech for the Council, on Oct. 11, 1962, Pope John XXIII said "Nowadays however, the Spouse of Christ prefers to make use of the medicine of mercy rather than that of severity. She considers that she meets the needs of the present day by demonstrating the validity of her teaching rather than by condemnations."
In order to determine exactly what “Our Lady of Medjugorje” said about the abortion issue, I went to the website of a major Medjugorje organization called the Medjugorje Web. This site, www.medjugorje.org, has a convenient concordance containing all words from the public messages given by the apparition from 1984 to the present. From March of 1984 until January of 1987, the public messages were given weekly, intended mainly for the parish. From January 25, 1987 to the present the public messages have been occurring monthly, for the whole world. This makes well over 400 public messages.

In the Medjugorje Web, one must click on the ‘Concordance’ button, since using the search box will bring up other references in addition to the messages. Using the concordance on the Medjugorje Web for the word ‘abortion’ in these public messages, brings back a result of ZERO times that the word was even mentioned, from 1984 to 2014! What makes this quite amazing is that the visionaries are supposed to receive a total of ten secrets, some of which concern great chastisements about to befall humanity because of so much sinfulness in the world. One would reasonably expect then that the “Gospa” would have constantly pointed out, over the years, the many sinful behaviours, such as abortion, that have to be remedied in order to lessen these chastisements.

Since the word ‘abortion’ brought no results, I next looked to see how many times ‘contraception’ was mentioned in all of these hundreds of messages. Same result – ZERO. Well, how about ‘pornography’ – nope, a ZERO again. What about ‘homosexuality’ or ‘sodomy’ – ZERO. What about ‘adultery’, ‘divorce’, ’fornication’, ‘drugs’ . . . all ZERO. How about ‘murder’ or ‘lust’ - ZEROES again. Surely the apparition has said something about ‘stealing’, ‘theft’, ‘idolatry’, ‘wrath’, ‘despair’ or ‘greed’ – every one of them a ZERO. Wait, there is one exception – ‘pride’ resulted in one occurrence. But upon reading it, the ‘pride’ referred to Satan, not to a sin of mankind.

And yet these apparitions are supposed to be ongoing communications and warnings from the Blessed Virgin Mary urging us to turn back from our sins or else face great chastisements. The holocaust of legalized abortion is the defining crime and offense of our era against God, with millions upon millions of innocent victims. For this cause alone, God surely has in store for us a great chastisement. Yet in the public messages delivered over the course of the past thirty years, we do not hear one peep about abortion from the “Madonna of Medjugorje.”

But who am I to judge?



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  1. The veiled insinuation here, though it could be argued to be not as bad as an outright accusation is identical to the accusations of many of the Baptist's followers against the ministry and message of Christ. They were unable to see the message of the Baptist and Our Lord's message though very different, worked together to form the whole. The great danger is instead of seeing God in people we make people our gods. Heaven is doing the same thing today by separately presenting both sides of the Divine nature if only to show that regardless of Heaven presenting a thundering message of condemnation (LaSalette, Fatima) or one of Mercy (in war torn Bosnia -the creation of "Christian" Western terrorism inflaming Muslims and Christian Western hatred of Muslims), too many of God's people are far too unwilling to repent of their fornication with the Babylonian Whore to make any difference (Our Lord faced the same problem in His day: Matt. 11:16-17).

    In an attempt to temper Western Christians growing hatred of Muslims Our Lady had to point out the unsurpassed holiness of a certain Muslim woman. That statement was bad enough, even intolerable, for many Traditionalists; Can you imagine the reaction traditionalists would have had had She then began to speak of the two matters that Muslims have excelled Christians in, that of being staunchly against abortion and contraceptives? And this writer can discount the severe warning of chastisement from Medjugorje for failure to repent of sin merely because specific sins are not mentioned?! And then for this reason accuse Medjugorje of providing justification for Bergoglio's both silence on sin, while failing to mention his actual flat out denying its reality or its relevance? It is the duty of the Church to identify the sins that need to be dealt with, Heaven has already detailed them to the Church! It is the duty of the Church also to put both both of Heaven's messages of mercy and warnings for sin together! That failure is Begollio's crime against Heaven, not his message of Divine Mercy, when divorced from its absurd heretical extremes! The serious error of this writer is implying that Medjugorje is seriously faulty and thus is providing an excuse somehow to justify the diabolic agenda of Francis.

    It's more diversion, more division driving us further and further from the solution. Too much pride and confidence in human reason, not enough divine insight and Grace. To much politics not enough walking by faith. I wonder sometimes why God has not given up on all of us.