Friday, January 27, 2017

Padre Pio and the Liturgical Reform

Although he continued to say the "old" Mass in Latin, he used the new form of the Eucharistic prayer. 

[Important note: So that you can better understand the heated arguments in the comments section, one of the sites that linked to this post wrote a headline that Padre Pio had "learned the new Mass".  This is clearly NOT what I write in this post.]

It is well-known that Padre Pio was allowed to continue saying the traditional Latin Mass instead of being required to use the new form initiated after Vatican II.  There is a famous video of his last Mass, in which he is seated and facing the congregation.  At the end, he stumbles and is rescued by the American friar, Brother Joseph Pius. 

In a hard-to-find book, Padre Pellegrino, one of the priests who was an assistant to Padre Pio for many years, writes of his experiences with the saintly friar of the Gargano. Originally published as a series of articles in the Friary's magazine, The Voice of Padre Pio, they were gathered into book form by popular demand, edited by Fr. Alessio Parente.  In this volume, it is revealed that Padre Pio was required to use the new form of the Eucharistic prayer during his Mass.

"When Padre Pio expressed his opinion on the liturgical reform, it contained a controversial hint or two, but he did not reveal even the slightest shadow of rebellion.  On the contrary, precisely with regard to this reform, not only did he edify me with his submission, but he even succeeded in moving me to tears with his scrupulousness.

In 1966-67 Padre Pio received permission from the Holy See to celebrate Mass in Latin, and seated.  However, the Holy See allowed this under two conditions:  that he celebrate facing the people, and that he use the new rite of the Eucharistic Prayer.

Padre Pio received news of the dispensation one evening before going to bed and, knowing of the conditions, he begged the Superior to teach him the new form of the doxology.  After he had seen how he should raise the paten, with the Host and the chalice, he thanked the Superior and appeared to be satisfied.

During the night he called me and said: "Do me a favor.  Go and get the chalice and the paten in the little church and let me see the new rite once again."   And I did so.

That scene, with his asking pardon and thanking me, repeated itself at least seven or eight times.  I was not tired but the last time, I could no longer tolerate his scrupulousness and I muttered through my teeth "I don't understand why this Holy Mother Church must bother a poor, old and ill priest."  

He grasped the sense of my words, and almost crying, he said "Why are you speaking against the Church which has asked so little of me?  It is I who, desiring to carry out the new rite well, am bothering you a little.  You must forgive me."  And I said, "But do the rite as you wish!"  At this point, he returned to decisive tones: "No, I must perform the rite precisely as the Church desires."

Pp. 401, 402; Padre Pio's Jack of All Trades,  Fr. Pellegrino Funicelli, OFM Cap., San Giovanni Rotondo, 1991.

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Friday, January 20, 2017

What God is by Nature, Mary is by Grace


     I have recently started the research for my newest book, and the most important:

What God is by Nature, Mary is by Grace;
The Greatness of the Blessed Virgin in the Revelations to Luisa Piccarreta.

      This is a time-consuming project, which involves a study of all thirty-six volumes of Luisa's Book of Heaven.  Her books illustrate the greatness of the Blessed Virgin Mary in a way superior to any other private revelation, including Ven. Mary of Agreda's The City of God.  The Blessed Virgin lived in the Divine Will, and her gifts, interior life, and sanctity are presented in such depth, that one can understand why all creatures combined cannot equal her.

     I request your prayers for the successful completion of this work.  If you would like to be notified when the book is available, just email me Here.

     Thank you.

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