Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Eight New Year's Resolutions from Padre Pio

Eight New Year's "Resolutions" from Padre Pio

Greetings to all.   These "resolutions' are taken from the booklet "Buona Giornata," (Have a Good Day), which is a compilation of daily meditations and observations from St. Pio's writings and comments, published by his Friary in San Giovanni Rotondo.  

Here are his thoughts - exhortations - admonitions for Dec. 31 thru Jan 7.

1.  The palm of glory is reserved only for those who fight valiantly to the end.  Therefore, let us begin our holy battle this year.  God will help us and crown us with eternal triumph. 

2.  We are by Divine Grace at the dawn of a new year.  Since only God knows whether we will finish this year, we should spend it in reparation for the past, and in preparation for the future.  Good works go hand in hand with good intentions.  

3.  Let us say to ourselves, with the full conviction of telling the truth, "My soul: begin today to do the good works which to date you have not done."  Let us be moved by the presence of God.  "God sees me," let us often say to ourselves, "and by my actions will He judge me."  Let us be sure the He will always see only goodness in us.

4.  If you have time, do not wait for time.  Let us not put off until tomorrow what we can do today.  The graves are full of good intentions that never came to pass.  Besides, what assurance do we have that we will be alive tomorrow?  Let us listen to the voice of our conscience, as said the royal prophet: "Today, if you hear the voice of the Lord, do not turn a deaf ear."  Let us come forth and treasure the fleeting moment which alone is ours.  Let us not waste time, from one moment to another, because the latter is not yet ours.

5.  When you waste time, you disdain God's gift - the present - which He, in His infinite goodness, relinquishes to your love and to your generosity. 

6.  "Let us begin today, my brothers, to do good because until now we have done nothing."  These words, which the Seraphic Father, St. Francis, In his humility, applied to himself, should be made ours at the beginning of the new year.   We have lived thoughtlessly, as if the Eternal Judge were not going to call us to Him one day and ask us to account for our works, for how we have spent our time.

7.  Love does not brook being delayed, and the Magi, immediately upon arrival, did everything in their power to make known Him, Who had conquered their hearts through an influx of grace.  He filled them with the kind of charity which must overflow, because it cannot be contained in the small structure of the heart, and must therefore be communicated.  

8.  In your actions, seek neither the most nor the least merit,  but rather the greatest honor and glory for God. 

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  1. Deacon John--What real good meditations. I'm impressed and I will copy what has been quoted and try to live what has been stated.


  2. Hi Carlo, I hope you succeed in your resolution. But I think you meant to post this on Deacon John's blog, since he carried the link.

  3. Good post, Frank! Thank you.

  4. Padre Pio hits the spot every time. His aim is perfect. He refreshes our souls.

  5. Padre Pio at his best. This year I will spend more time in prayer and less time seeking new Lay Brothers of Padre Pio. The will of God will prevail and only God can send me new holy servants to help me. I will wait in the fields of the homeless, poor, sick and less fortunate. Br. Christopher B.P.P.

  6. thank you, I wrote most of these down in my calendar so that I can try to live these daily.

  7. Great! I make these resolutions for myself too. So help me God.

  8. Amen~* Padre Pio inspires me every time...Beautiful resolutions for the New Year to grow in virtue and holinesss in order to grow closer to the Lord~* Happy New Year all! God bless your steps~*

  9. Superb post of eternal value. Pio's wisdom is predicated on the truism from Sacred Scripture that death comes like a thief in the night, that no man knows the hour or day his death will come, and that to squander time is to squander life when the precious minutes given us may be used for good, which we may offer as honor and glory to God first and for our increased merit second.