Sunday, March 31, 2024

The Empty Tomb Visits.

  The holy women and apostles have varying visits and experiences at the empty tomb of the Risen Lord.  The gospel accounts can seem confusing, if not irreconcilable.  Maria Valtorta in The Gospel as Revealed to Me gives these accounts in such detail that it is possible to unravel their sequences.  One thing to be considered are the various locations and trajectories of the visitors from their respective starting points.  

   A Canadian site has produced a video with clear icons showing these events.  Although it is in French, I am posting it because of the visual aspects of the video and also because most people at one time or another studied some French, so please accept my apologies for this.  

  The link below is to the French language web site for Valtorta, and at the very top you can change it to a rough Google translation of  the text into English.   A short ways down you will be able to click on the YouTube of the video.  Enjoy this surprise Easter Bon Bon! 


LINK to French website and video.


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