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Jesus Says

Jesus says: “To love Mary is to love Jesus.”


The context: The Lord is addressing Maria Valtorta personally. 


. . . you will meditate on all the life of our Mother every day: on Her joys and sorrows. That is, My joys and My sorrows. Because since I, the Word, became Jesus, I have rejoiced and wept with Her and for the same reasons. So you can see that to love Mary is to love Jesus. It is to love Him more easily. Because I make you carry the cross and I put you on the cross. Mother instead carries you or stands at the foot of the cross to receive you on Her heart that can only love.


Also at the moment of death Mary's bosom is more pleasant than a cradle. Whoever breathes his last in Her, hears nothing but the voices of the angelical choruses whirling round Mary. He does not see darkness, but sees the sweet ray of the Morning Star. He hears no weeping, but sees Her smile. He knows no terror. Of Us who love Her, who would dare tear from Mary's arms a creature of Her's?


[...] And remain at Her feet at the foot of the Cross. You will adorn your garment with the rubies of My Blood and with the pearls of Her tears. You will have a queen's robe for your entrance into My Kingdom Go in peace. I bless you.” 


Maria Valtorta, The Poem of the Man-God, Chapter 492.

Jesus says: “The secrets of Mary are too pure and divine for a human mind to know them.”


The context: Maria Valtorta has just received Holy Communion, and Jesus asks her to write while she has ‘the fullness of Wisdom’ within her.


The Mother is not different from the Son – in either human nature or the superhuman mission of Redemption. 


The Son, to touch the apex of pain, had to experience separation from the Father: in Gethsemane, on the Cross. It was pain carried to infinite heights and harshness. The Mother, to touch the apex of pain, had to experience separation from the Son: in the three days of my burial.


Then Mary was alone. She was left with only Faith, Hope, and Charity. But I was absent. It was the sword not driven in, but piercing and ransacking her Heart. She did not die from it by God’s will alone. For to remain deprived of union with her Son and God was such an agony for the Woman Full of Grace that without a special grace She would have died of it. 


There are many secret pages that you do not know concerning the life of the Most Pure Co-Redeemer. I previously told you, ‘The secrets of Mary are too pure and divine for a human mind to know them.’ I shall point out just one of them for you, just enough to increase veneration in you for the Holiest One in Heaven, after God:


That most painful hour, in the sea of sorrows which was the life of my Mother, consecrated for supreme sorrow and supreme joy by her conception, was needed to complete what was lacking to my Passion. Mary is the Co-Redeemer. Since everything in Her is, then, inferior to God alone, her pain also had to be such that the pain of no other human creature would ever equal it.”


Maria Valtorta, The Notebooks, 1943, July 2.

Jesus says: 


But shall we also become Satan's friends by hating those who hate us?”


The context: James, a cousin of Jesus, is concerned about being reproached by his older brother Joseph.


In that case be silent. It is the only remedy to appease one's anger. Be humbly and patiently silent, and if you feel that you can no longer be silent without being rude, go away. To be able to be quiet! To be able to run away! Not out of cowardice, or lack of words, but out of virtue, out of prudence, charity, humility. It is so difficult to keep justice in debates! And the peace of the spirit. Something always descends into the depth of one's heart distorting, confounding, making an uproar. And the image of God reflected in every good spirit is obscured, it vanishes and its words can no longer be heard. 


Peace! Peace among brothers. Peace also with enemies. If they are our enemies, they are Satan's friends. But shall we also become Satan's friends by hating those who hate us? How can we lead them to love if we are out of love ourselves? You may say to Me: ‘Jesus, You have already said so many a time and that is what You do, but they always hate You.’ I will always say so. When I am no longer with you, I will inspire it into you from Heaven. And I also tell you not to count defeats, but victories. Let us praise the Lord for them! No month goes by without some conquest being made. That is what the workman of the Lord must take notice of, rejoicing in the Lord, without the anger of worldly people when they lose one of their poor victories.”


Chapter 488. the Poem.

Jesus says: “My doctrine is a Doctrine of love.”


The context: The Lord is speaking to the citizens of Hippo, a coastal city by the Sea of Galilee.


You must, therefore, have kind hearts, because God is love and He prescribes love, because the Law is love, because the prophets and the Books of Wisdom advise love and My doctrine is a doctrine of love. Sacrifices and prayers are vain unless their base and altar is love for your neighbor and particularly for the poor and needy, to whom you can give all forms of love by means of bread, beds, clothes, comfort and doctrine, leading them to God. 


Poverty, by disheartening people, causes spirits to lose that faith in Providence, which is beneficial to resist the trials of life. How can you expect a poor man to be always good, patient, pious, when he sees that those who have received everything from life, and thus, according to common opinion, from Providence, are hardhearted, without true religion − because their religion lacks the first and most essential part: love − they are without patience and, although they have everything, they cannot even tolerate the entreaties of a starving man?”


Chapter 451, the Poem.


Jesus says: “If you love Me, you will love My Doctrine.”


The context: The Lord continues to speak to the citizens of Hippo.


Come to Me, all you of good will. Be not afraid of what you are or you were. I am Water that cleanses the past and fortifies for the future. Come to Me, you who are poor in wisdom. Wisdom is in My word. Come to Me, start a new life on new ideas. Be not afraid of not knowing, of not being able to do it. My Doctrine is easy, My yoke is light. I am the Rabbi Who gives without asking for recompense, without asking for any recompense but your love. If you love Me, you will love My Doctrine and consequently your neighbor and you will have Life and the Kingdom. Rich people, divest yourselves of your attachment to riches, and buy with them the Kingdom by means of all the words of merciful love for your neighbor. Poor people, divest yourselves of your dejection and come onto the way of your King. 


With Isaiah I say: “Oh, come to the water all you who are thirsty, and you as well who have no money come and buy.” With love you will buy what is love, what is imperishable food, the food which satisfies and fortifies.”


Chapter 451, the Poem.


Jesus says: “Pride is the lever that overturns spirits and the magnet that tears them away from Me.”


The context: The Lord is sending forth a large missionary force of His disciples.


Well, listen. I will now bless you and dismiss you. You will spread out, as usual, through Palestine. You will gather here again for Passover. Do not fail to come… and during these next months fortify your hearts and the hearts of those who believe in Me. Be more and more just, unselfish, patient. Be what I taught you to be. Go round towns, villages, secluded houses. Shun no one. Put up with everything. You are not serving your own egos, as I do not serve the ego of Jesus of Nazareth, but I serve My Father. Serve your Father as well. Thus, His interests, not yours, are to be sacred to you, even if they bring sorrow or detriment to your human interests. Be guided by the spirit of self-denial and obedience.


I may send for you or I may tell you to remain where you are. Do not judge My instructions. Obey them, whatever they may be, with the firm belief that they are good and given for your good. And do not be jealous if I send for some and not for others. You know... Some have departed from Me… and I suffered because of that. They were the ones who still wanted to act according to their own wills. Pride is the lever that overturns spirits and the magnet that tears them away from Me. Do not curse those who left Me. Pray that they may come back. [...] Love one another. And help one another. My dear friends, may your spirits tell you all the rest, reminding you of what I taught you, and may your angels repeat it to you. I bless you.”


Chapter 493, the Poem


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